23 May 2018

Overdue #metoo


Overdue #metoo

21 May 2018

It used to be you could
Blame the victim.
Male privilege would
Hand out the dictum.

Now we're claiming
Our worthiness by naming
The perps and reframing
The situation by proclaiming
An end to blaming and shaming.

Giving credit where it's due
And shining light on the issue
With the hashtag #metoo.
It's a topic that's long overdue
And talking about it's not taboo.

As victims we felt all alone.
Today we're setting a new tone.
Old ways are being overthrown.
Patriarchy isn't carved in stone.
We're showing some backbone.

Nostalgia doesn't cut it anymore.
No going back to the way it was before.
Our movement is too big to ignore.
We're fighting with words; and more
We're voting to make our voices roar.

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