24 December 2010

Humbug Plug

Humbug Plug
18 December 2010

By herd mentality and acting like a fool,
I decided to write a poem about Yule.
Somehow I got up the gumption
For an Ode to Conspicuous Consumption.
Starting even before Halloween
Christmas ornaments were seen.
Decorations were on display
Available in a wide array
Of themes, sizes and prices,
Obtainable with minimal sacrifices.
Unfortunately, my budget meant stopping
All unplanned impulse shopping.
Any bargain hunter or unwary buyer
Squares off with a marketing empire.
It’s enough to make me act like Scrooge
And head home for safety and refuge.

Nevertheless, for the first time in twenty
Plus years, I put up a holiday tree.
I got it cheap last year the-day-after
And have kept it stored above the rafter.
Putting up the tree gave me the pleasure
Of digging thru long buried treasure.
I got a chance to unpack
Ornaments from way back.
I must make a confession
To nostalgia possession.
I got a chance to recall
The occasion when each ball
Or decoration came into my life
All the way back to my ex-wife.
It’s been said that Christmas is for children,
But sometimes adults think way back when,
Adding to the anticipation
Of a memorable celebration.

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