18 December 2010

In Defense of Self-Confidence

In Defense of Self-Confidence

12 December 2010

It used to take me long time to decide.

I was busy polling the personas inside.

In order to voice my intent

I had to get everyone’s consent.

That meant my choice had the verdict

Of God, church and family before I acted.

Then with their blessing and clearance,

My choice made its appearance.

We’re speaking of paralysis

By exhaustive analysis.

Now by recognizing the choice

That makes my heart rejoice,

Going against what I’ve been taught

Feels like I’m doing what I ought not.

But I’ve become a guilt forgetter

To make my quality of life better.

Still I have to tell myself in my position,

It’s okay act!

I don’t need anybody else’s permission

And that’s a fact.

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