31 December 2010

Meats and Treats for Eats

Meats and Treats for Eats

30 December 2010

At work the whole bunch

Got together for lunch.

It was a potluck affair

With an international flair.

The copious dining options on the tables

Started with salmon and mixed vegetables.

Then came wraps, beef stew, tortillas and refried beans;

Also, curry chicken and pancit from the Philippines

Carbs came from rice, French bread and rolls.

Fruits included oranges, apples and nectarines

Cut into bite-size pieces and served in bowls.

You could tell the chefs were no rookies.

In spite of the singed homemade cookies

The dessert offering of pudding cake was tasty,

Even tho the eating at my desk was a bit hasty.

There was soda to wash it all down.

It was a first-rate potluck, hands down.

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