17 August 2011

Visualization Culmination

Visualization Culmination

16 August 2011

I followed the voice

Directing me to visualize

My life and choice

In a super size.

The self-improvement guru

Thru guided visualization

Led a life review to

Behavior modification.

While imagining a hinderance

To my future objective,

Visualizing that chance

From a different perspective.

Where the choice is unmade

And the results get

Changed and replayed

To a different vignette.

I listened half sympathetic,

My personal learning mode

Is visual and kinesthetic

So my attention yo-yoed.

I didn’t write goals down

But I followed during

The imagination countdown

And values conjuring.

I was very surprised

At the outcome I got,

For mindfullness minimized

I felt like a freshman snot.

The exercise made me feel

Like I was much younger

About the college age ideal

With a curiosity hunger.

However, I got to keep

Knowledge and experience

So the price was cheap

Even tho it didn’t make sense.

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