09 October 2010

Scenes of Jeans

Scenes of Jeans

24 June 2010

By all ways and means

Give me a man in jeans,

Wearing the worn & torn kind

That show off a little behind.

Where the cloth has worn thin

Let me look and see skin.

It makes me drool and smile

When a man goes commando style.

Not every guy has the gall

To flaunt custom and freeball.

Not to be too blunt

But I like holes in front.

It really gets me going

When your cock is showing.

Holes are an attention getter

And the more the better.

Let me see the hot rocket

You’ve got in your pocket.

Yes, wear jeans faded and worn

With holes that are ripped and torn.

I don’t care if they’re trashed or mesh

Just as long as you flash some flesh.

My intent diverts and vision distorts

When I see a man in short shorts.

Lift your legs in the air

Without any underwear,

Giving me an unobstructed view

To prove you’re a man thu and thru.

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