07 November 2010

Itch Blitz

Itch Blitz

6 November 2010

They bite my feet, ankles and calves

So I itch a lot and not by halves.

I itch from my toes to my knees

Bitten by vermin called fleas.

The itching bothers me more than you can tell

And I curse them all to the bottommost hell.

Surely fleas must have a natural foe

That can be introduced to make them go.

Meanwhile I suffer, tormented

By itching that has me demented.

With a poison aerosol bomb

I started my own plea pogrom.

I just want their biting to cease

So I can live my life in peace.

Please, fleas

Listen to my pleas,

Let me be

Itch free.

I’ll vacuum the floor

On my way out the door.

Then I’ll fumigate

The fleas I hate.

When the can works as intended

Their biting will be ended.

Let them breathe the plume

Of fumes that spells doom.

I’ll stop itching,

Quit my bitching,

Change the focus of my intention

And give quality of life my attention.

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