29 August 2010

John Locke Stumbling Block

John Locke Stumbling Block

2 August 2010

From John Locke’s “Two Treatises on Government” Introduction “...(I) cannot but confess myself mightly surprised that in a book which was to provide chains for all mankind, I should find nothing but a rope of sand, useful perhaps to such whose skill and business it is to raise a dust and would bind the people, the better to mislead them, but in truth not of any force to draw those into bondage who have their eyes open and so much sense about them as to consider that chains are but an ill wearing, however much care has been taken to file and polish them.”

Once in a while, upon ocassion

I ponder my religious persuasion.

Growing up innocent and unwary

I was told it was in my best interest

To serve as a Mormon missionary,

But unfortunately it left me depressed.

Following my excommunication

I wanted to make a religious determination.

Atheism in it’s superficiality

Had no ethics or morality.

By the way

Let me say

I am gay.

It seemed for me

The best church was MCC.

Their Jesus was easy to follow

Even if the theology was hard to swallow.

I had my precious Jesus, nevertheless

While on a camping trip I met the Goddess.

My quest was far reaching

To find any pagan teaching.

From commandments I was freed

By obeying the Wiccan Rede:

As long as the harm is nil,

Go and do as you will.

I noticed a dichotomy after a while

It had me puzzled and irked

In the neo-pagan lifestyle,

If magic really worked,

The disparity, which is

There are no rich witches.

One day while watching TV

I found my morality.

The program on evolution

Provided my ethical solution.

All life on earth

Is deserving of worth.

Everything living here

Has equal right to be there.

While growing up, when being overawed

All good things came from God.

While bad things and horrible circumstances

Were blamed on bad luck and happenstances.

Interesting how life seems to woo

And confirm any point of view.

Unfortunately, while it’s different than what’s wished,

While recognizing that no good deed goes unpunished

What goes around does come around

So let random acts of kindness abound.

Be a creator, not just a consumer.

And don’t forget sex and witty humor.

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