31 October 2011

Incantation Vibration

Incantation Vibration
29 October 2011
Hello handsome, the hand motion beckoned.
The glint in his eye indicated his thought.
He was much friendlier than I reckoned,
Much closer intimacy was sought.
Exchanging energies thru word and touch,
Sending signals of whispered encouragement,
Hoping the stimulation wasn’t too much,
Implying consent by humming contentment,
Raising energies by stroking the magic wand,
Stirring the sex cauldron ‘round and ‘round,
Creating a strong man-to-man bond
Letting a complex connection be found.
Touching skin to skin, from hip to lip
Looking into his eyes and seeing his soul,
Nipple stimulation was part of the trip
To the magical moment of orgasm whole.
Then lingering and surrendering to the feeling
That is uplifting and spiritually satisfying
Holding each other gently for healing.
This shrine’s ministration is sanctifying.

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