17 October 2011

Sweat, Blood and Testosterone

Yesterday Bruce and I rented a U-Haul truck to move Terry's stuff from storage in LA to storage in San Diego. The backstory is Terry an artery to his stomach rupture back in May and went to the emergency room. Half of his stomach died for lack of nutrition so it was removed. But gangrene had set in and the toxins from the gangrene disrupted the functioning of his kidneys and liver. Finally Terry died the first week of September.
While Terry was in the hospital, Bruce collected money from Terry's friends to pay the rent. But you can't keep that up very long so we moved Terry's things into storage. Paying for a storage unit was cheaper than paying rent.
Of course moving furniture and boxes is a quick way to work up a sweat. There were a couple of hunky guys helping a woman move her china closet. Maybe my next poem will be about sweat, blood and testosterone. The wheel on the dolly broke, the china closet tipped and broke the glass. One of the hunks cut his hand on the glass. Bruce said, "If they had spent as much money on their educations as they spent on their tattoos, they would have MBAs."

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