08 October 2011

Gay Fetes in the Streets

Gay Fetes in the Streets
26 Sept 2011
When we were teenagers growing up, 
We never had a chance to feel each other up
Experience crushes, flirting, nor love treats. 
We were denied meaningful cozying up. 
So now we have sex in the bars and streets.
Society told us we had gone astray, 
To suppress our feelings and go away 
Quietly into the night without bleats. 
Now that we have found men who play
We have sex in the baths and the streets.
We have survived the condemnation 
Of being called an abomination 
And alienation from church meets. 
With self-esteem getting elevation
From sex in the bushes and streets.
Although we sat thru many sermons in our lives 
About how husbands should treat their wives, 
We never heard a word about gay couple retreats. 
So we made our own rules about sex drives
And actions on the beaches and in the streets.
We have survived feeling suicidal. 
With AIDS, death has not been idle. 
Living each day is gravy and meats
Or more icing on the cake. To feel the idyll
We have sex on our backs and in the streets. 
It’s not like we need self-control reform. 
We controlled ourselves enough to conform, 
Get married and that made us robots on repeat. 
We acknowledge it may stir up a storm
To have sex in bay windows on the street.
The gay assimilationists don’t recognize 
That we’ve always been and in any size 
Always will be different in our fetes. 
Passion to fight for their rights does arise
From sex in beds and in the streets.

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