29 October 2011

Baby’s ABC’s

Inspired by my nephew's baby, Monson.

Baby’s ABC’s
28 October 2011
A is for applesauce that’s easy to eat.
B is for beans which for Monson’s a treat.
C is for car which he’ll drive before he’s thirty.
D is for diaper that gets changed when it’s dirty.
E is for ear to hear everything.
F is for fork to give food a fling.
G is for grandmas of which he has two
H is for house with a roof and windows, too.
I is for ice that comes out of the fridge.
J is for joke to release tension a smidge.
K is for key to unlock the house’s front door.
L is for love that can’t be bought at the store.
M is for Mommy, center of and my life’s anchor.
N is for nurse, her job, for which we thank her.
O is for oven where she does her baking.
P is for potato fries that she likes making.
Q is for quilts to snuggle under.
R is for roses that fill us with wonder.
S is for shoes, easiest to lose of all clothes.
T is for toes that Monson uses to pick his nose.
U is for umbrella to keep dry in the rain.
V is for video to watch and entertain.
W is for work where Daddy has spoken.
X is for x-rays when bones are broken.
Y is for yogurt which when frozen, you lick.
Z is for zipper to change clothes real quick.

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