08 October 2011

Vilification Vexation and Visitation Vindication

I worked on this poem and the next one "Gay Fetes in the Streets" during the same week. I'm not happy with this poem, but as I stare at it I don't get inspiration to change anything. For me "Gay Fetes" has bounce which this one doesn't.

Vilification Vexation and Visitation Vindication
19 Sept 2011
In January 1985, I was excommunicated 
From the Salt Lake City based church.
I had gotten divorced and relocated
To Monticello, back in my parents’ perch. 
In spite of what the disciplinary court stated, 
I still attended church with my family.  
That year the Manti Temple was renovated
And used for the endowment liturgy. 
I interviewed with the bishop and was given 
A recommend to attend the rededication fest. 
To get to Manti, for six hours we had driven,
Meaning we had to put on our Sunday best
Early in the morning, adding to the trip’s griefs,
Grateful to be in cars, not pulling handcarts. 
We were waiting with our white handkerchiefs
For the Hallelujah Shout and hope in our hearts
For a choice spiritual feast validating our beliefs.
While queued up, awaiting permission to enter 
A member of the Stake Presidency came down the line
Greeting members, happened upon this dissenter
And took away the prized recommend of mine.
Oh, the disappointment of expectations negated.
How was I supposed to feel? What to do?
There was no appeal by the powers delegated,
So I just walked around the venue.
Skip ahead to September 2011,
We went from Cleveland by bus 
To Kirtland’s little bit of heaven.
At the visitor’s center we got to discuss
And were escorted by tour guides
Over to the Newell K. Whitney shop of retail. 
Downstairs, we saw the store’s insides 
With barrels, baskets and account’s detail.
Also, the bartering section for trading wares. 
Then thru a door and up the narrow stairs, 
Was the parlor with table and chairs.
I placed my palm flat on the table 
And felt a strong surge of emotion, 
Not happy or sad, just strong, I was unable
To identify what for me was a crying potion. 
Next was School of the Prophets vestibule
With benches to sit on while being instructed, 
Then, finally the bedrooms with a spinning mule.
After the store, we were conducted
Thru the Whitney house, Johnson hotel, sawmill
And ashery where potash was produced. 
Then we followed the sidewalk uphill 
Past the temple and got introduced
To the other visitor’s center overseen
By the Community of Christ church.
John Hamer presented a historical slide scene,
By narrating the slides with original research,
He followed the history of Mormon leadership, 
Revelations and temple purposes; explaining 
Splinters and offshoots within the Mormon grip. 
Then we walked over to the sacred building. 
The green door was held open for us to enter.
All were admitted. We climbed the stairs to
The upper assembly hall. After the presenter, 
We were ushered up more stairs and thru 
The attic school rooms, then back down to the hall. 
Finally we were allowed to sit in the lower auditorium. 
We were told, here during the dedication that all
Had seen, beheld its abundant spiritual emporium.
The people thought of themselves as saints
And sanctified the temple by their sacrifices
Truly the Lord’s House for worship without restraints.
This hall had signs of current religious devices. 
I looked around at the Affirmation attesters
Then tears flowed when I thought of praying 
Together with them in the temple of my ancestors.
I was touched to the core, that’s all I’m saying.

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