02 November 2011

Latecomer Summer

Latecomer Summer
2 November 2011
The weather was just too nice
To write poetry and stay indoors
So I thought about it twice
And played hookey by going outdoors.
I called my friend, Billy Bob
To see if he wanted to go to the park.
It was his day off from his job.
We went to the local landmark
And saw koi fish in the reflecting pool,
Grounds with flowers ad nauseam,
Avoided a student class from school
And took in the Timkin art museum.
While crossing back over the bridge
I spied an artist with his tripod
Painting, standing out on a ridge,
So I trotted over to his sod.
It was truly an afternoon 
Filled with beauty and art.
It seemed to end too soon
When it was time to depart.

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