04 November 2011

Gratitude for Latitude

My friend James Kent publishes an online newsletter for his family & friends. It's called Ohana News. Each year he asks for contributions for his Thanksgiving Issue.

Gratitude for Latitude
4 November 2011
This year I’m grateful to get a pension
Meaning no alarm clock (That I savor.)
Which greatly reduces my tension
And contributes to each day’s flavor.
I’m glad of the serendipitous discovery
That chocolate, blueberries and walnuts
Improved my short-term memory
And boosted my brain out of its ruts.
I’m thankful to be in San Diego County
For the weather, Balboa Park, beach,
And mountains; meaning so much bounty.
I appreciate having friends within reach,
To socialize with gay men who
Think along the same lines as me,
Enjoy the same activities as I do
And add to my felicity.

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