09 November 2011

Metamorphosis Process

I took Jack Random’s “All Around You” and rhymed it.
Metamorphosis Process
6 November 2011
When I die, fold me naked, brother,
Into the dark flesh of the earth pile;
No coffin fortress against my mother,
No formaldehyde lip stitching denial 
Of the soft machinery of life’s assault.
Let the gentle sex of the probing root
Trail downward along the white vault
Of my cathedral bones’ strong suit.
Let the holy orgy of the earthy sod
Fill my domed skull with the resurrected
Gentle loving of the worldly clod.
Then each year fold me unprotected
Back into the warm flesh of creation
And I will become the loving planet.
I will spread my spirit on the wind’s reverberation.
I will have eyes of green rose granite.
I will have blood in the splashing sea tides
I will have a consciousness of grass,
And I will have arms under all the hillsides.
Arms vast enough at last, landmass
To hold all my children by the platoon.
From my warm bed I will be the sun's lover
And a magical brother to the moon.
I will trail sidelong and downstream cover
And I will be in the food you consume
Alive in all the fruits that abound,
Awake in the fall of each cherry bloom.
Once dead and in the solid ground, 
Now immaculately starting to leach
I will be there when you’re going
To burst the veiny flesh of a peach.
I will be all around you silently knowing,
This is my body bursting for your sip.
Take, eat and pass me with cants
From hand to hand and lip to perfect lip.
Let my name dissolve with my substance 
But when you drink the blood stew
And eat the smooth flesh of plants,
I will be alive, awake and all around you.

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