13 November 2011

Following Breadcrumbs

Initially they didn't look like breadcrumbs from the universe. My email was hacked this week while I was on my computer. The reason I knew was from all the bounced emails. On advice from a fairly computer savvy friend, I changed my email password. To to that I had to log onto the AT&T site using the same username and password that I use to pay my bill. I have a Mac and just click on the mail icon to read my email. Once in a while there will be a bar across the top of an email saying the computer thinks a particular email is spam. While I was in my account changing my password, I noticed emails in the spam folder.
Several years ago I joined Toastmasters to learn how to respond to impromptu questions. At a couple of their events I heard Darren LaCroix speak and even went to his Humor Bootcamp. Later Darren did a webinar with Lynn Rose where she introduced the WOW Factor. WOW standing for Without Walls, meaning speaking fearlessly. Last spring Lynn did a webinar with Wendy Robbins who wrote the book, "Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!" Then over the summer Wendy is a series of webinars with all kinds of movers and shakers, from thought leaders to cutting-edge technology. Since I'm on my computer for hours at a time anyway, I was looking for a way to make money using the internet. From Wendy's interviews I connected with more people sharing free ideas and insights about living more abundantly. Okay, I did spend money Jim Kwik's memory and reading improvement series. See my video about improving memory.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I had also bought into uQast but stopped hearing from them and figured they probably took my money and ran. I don't have a vindictive personality to go chasing after them, which just would have been good money after bad. But when I accessed my email differently, there were emails in the spam folder. In going thru those "spam" emails I was able to reconnect and revitalized my learning curve.

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