26 December 2011

Sundown Out On The Town

Sundown Out On The Town
24 December 2011

I drove with friends over the bridge 
To Coronado. Below the ridge
We parked on Pomona and walked 
Past the Boathouse to City Hall 
Where we admired and talked
About the photography stall
Of yesteryear's Tent  City.
The fountain had organic styling
With hexagonal and itty-bitty
Cut rectangular tiling
Morphing into curved metaphors.
We crossed the street and
Passed thru Coronado Shores
To reach the beach sand. 
The low tide was out very far, 
Exposing a broad promenade.
We strolled down the sand bar
Watching the breakers cascade 
Down the shoreline. Next we 
Admired house styles amid
Decorations on the way to coffee. 
As we sipped our hot liquid,
We chatted and took in society.
Back out on the street with bravado
We went to a jewel of the local variety
Known as the Hotel del Coronado. 
There we admired the Christmas tree 
In the lobby, then went downstairs 
And outside by the ice skating locality.
On the west of the rink instead of chairs
We found a bench to sit on as time went by
For the sunset. From a cloudless sky, 
The sun leisurely sank into the ocean.
Back inside we listened to a chorus 
Who were dressed in Dickens fashion.
The holiday lights were decorous 
Against the darkening sky.
People taking photos had to ignore us
As we interrupted passing by.

After all was said and done,
The scene I give first place
Was the natural majesty
Of watching the sun
Going at its own pace
Sinking into the sea.

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