12 December 2011

Bucolic Frolic

Bucolic Frolic
10 December 2011
The occasion was the holidays,
The group was Finest City Squares
For a party at P, B and J’s.
Invited were lesbians and bears.
The hosts were genial and pleasant,
Their condo tastefully decorated
And welcoming to all who were present.
We munched until we were sated
On hors d’oeurves, fruitcake,
Nuts, chips, soda and wine.
Also, the coffee, cheesecake
And cookies were very fine.
Cross-stitching was displayed
And Christmas stockings that had 
Been personalized and handmade.
Carols on the piano added a tad.
The large tree in the living room had
Medallions designed by Wedgewood
And the Metropolitan Museum fad.
Also, pierced ornaments from Waterford
And Lennox, plus a strung popcorn 
And wooden cranberry garland.
In the other room a small tree was reborn.
Above the crocheted skirt and stand.
The ornaments had a duplication of stylization
Shoes of high-healed variation and inspiration.
We were told by way of narration information
That the proliferation, ostentation and veneration
Was a cause of irritation, indignation and protestation
With possible subjugation or mitigation
By reputation litigation, defamation
Or character assassination,
Which was the motivation for the instigation
And machination of a stipulation
Leading to the cessation and limitation 
On the replication, infestation and inundation
Of more such creations and simulations
Causing indications of jubilation
And peace on earth integration.

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