09 February 2013

Expressed Request

After listening to songs from musicals, here's a poem for Valentine's day.

Expressed Request
9 February 2013

Just a thought
On the spot
Why not
Give it a shot?
Asking in advance,
Does your stance
And side-long glance
Mean taking a chance
On a new romance?
You wanna dance?

Dance with me baby?
Now's your time to speak.
Say "yes," not "maybe."
Let's dance cheek to cheek.
Starting might be hit or miss,
But after we've begun
With some diligent practice
We'll be dancing as one.
As we waltz across the floor
To the beat of the score,
It makes my heart soar
To be with the one I adore.
Dance with me
And let's see
If we can be
In harmony.

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