26 May 2011

Machinist, Poet and Watchmaker

Machinist, Poet and Watchmaker
26 May 2011
A machinist and a poet lived lived by the sea
And they were as comfortable as they could be.
The machinist had dealings with a watchmaker
This time the way the monies went was a deal breaker.
The machinist and poet went to see if he was a true blue friend
Or if he would prove to be a villain in in the end.
A visit to the watchmaker’s was very telling
Because voices were quickly raised to yelling.
In case affairs turned to disorder
The machinist wore a voice recorder.
The watchmaker finally threw a raging temper fit
But returned some items for the machinist’s benefit.
For justice the machinist filed in small claims,
Return of property or monetary value were his aims.
The watchmaker counter filed for a change of venue
Hoping to set a precedent or save himself revenue.
After going to a different hall and space
Finally, a commissioner heard the case.
The change in venue was denied.
So the watchmaker greatly sighed.
First the machinist told his version of events
With the poet giving testimony augments.
Next the rambling watchmaker told his side
Presentations unaligned meant somebody lied.
The machinist got a final say,
Then came the judgement of the day.
Damages were awarded to the machinist
And the watchmaker reacted at his meanist.

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