06 May 2011

Conversations and Rations

I tried a different rhyming scheme in this poem.

Conversations and Rations

5 May 2011

I went to my friends’ for pizza night,

Looking forward to that weekly delight.

I dressed with the kilt-and-no-shirt look.

Other friends were there with foresight,

They brought mixed fruit and a book

About Lucrecia, the daughter of a crook.

After being married against her will

She started to write her own guidebook.

Her beginning battles were all uphill.

The tales of her deeds give us a thrill.

She became a master of misdirection.

It was like she had a license to kill.

Pizza was baked and came as a selection

One of green pepper and mushroom confection,

The other was pepperoni, all right;

All blending for a friendship connection.

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