02 May 2017

Yearning For Returning

Biltmore House
Bass Pond

Golden Azalea





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Yearning For Returning

26 April 2017

I’d like to go back once more.
Tell the Inn to save me a room
To see flowers at the Biltmore
When the azaleas are in bloom.
Let me visit when the tulips blossom
And the hanging wisteria’s awesome.
I love the colors of the pansies
That match to hues of the daisies.
I want to explore the conservatory
That shows off varieties of hybrids,
Including an amazing begonia variety
And bountiful sprays of orchids.
Let me stroll down to the Bass Pond
To see the brick bridge reflected,
The calm water and the trees beyond;
So my joie de vivre gets resurrected.

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