05 February 2017

Honey Agony
5 Jan 2017

Darling, you hardly ever say, “I love you.”
It seems like all we do is yell and argue,
So our relationship’s gone downhill and askew.
Let’s talk until we have the very same view.

Darling, I worry that you’re doing me wrong.
I want to hear, “Honey, honey,” all night long,
“Honey, honey,” until the light of dawn.
I want your promises to be made good on.

Darling, please, come right on home to me.
When you delay I worry and feel gloomy.
Chatting together seems so dreamy,
A prelude to making our nights steamy.


Darling, the one thing I really hate
Is when you say you’re working late.
Your work schedule isn’t supposed to deviate,
So I worry you’re making plans to fornicate.


Darling, are you working late or at the bar?
Are you flirting with some tramp in her car?
Just flirting or have you already gone too far?
I’ll give her a story to put in her memoir!


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