10 May 2016

Know Woe

Know Woe
6 May 2016

My commute was horrible.
People weren’t very nice.
The other drivers were terrible.
I almost got hit twice.
Traffic was the worst, wouldn’t you know,
The real possibility of a flat tire
In the miles and miles of slow and go
Just pushed my stress levels higher.
Arriving home, I promptly collapse.
Tomorrow’ll be another rat race.
I dream of retiring, perhaps.
My life needs a change of pace
And I’m in danger of a relapse.
Thinking, I don’t see any choice,
My life’s stalled, stuck in a rut.
Nothing makes my heart rejoice,
But I’m angry enough to kick butt.
Alas, I don’t know who’s butt to kick.
I want to feel better, that’s for sure.
All this stress is making me sick.
Tonight I’ll make alcohol my cure.
One immediate affect of drinking
Is a change in mood and thinking.
So as to not borrow sorrow,
I’ll think about tomorrow tomorrow.

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