28 December 2015

Beach Reach

Beach Reach
26 Dec 2015

To watch the waves breaking.
I must go to the sea;
And the rollers coming in,
It’s all calling to me.
Upon arriving at the shore,
I feel the constant breeze
And hear the continual roar
Which nature does with ease.
The gritty sand between my toes,
Feel of humidity in my clothes
And air’s salty scent in my nose,
Work together to ease my woes.
Walking across unmarked land,
As people stroll they emboss
Footstep paths in the wet sand
That wander and randomly cross.
Boundless water and sun beautify
All the lovely things I see.
The far horizon and big blue sky
Are the only limits for me.
While standing on the shore
I don’t want for anything more.

Like a cresting wave breaks,
Practical thoughts intruded
And a mood shift overtakes
Me so my amble’s concluded.
Turning around, I’m incredulous
By how far I’ve wandered to explore.
Walking to my car, there’s an impetus
To look back and watch the waves some more.

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