27 September 2014

Fall Aerosol

Fall Aerosol
26 Sept 2014

Not high summer's floodlight garish blaze
Nor the tepid temperature of a solstice,
The September sun casts its own glaze
Of autumn tone and illumination jaundice.
The afternoon feels pleasant.
As the seasons turn in sequel,
Each with its own feel. At present
I sense that recently Fall fell.
The seasons are turning their annual wheel.
As much as I want to hold onto summer,
Autumn beckons with its own appeal.
Gone is the worrisome sunburn bummer.
Now I worry more about getting chilled,
But there's a jacket in my closet if I need.
The trees are putting on their fall gild
And my behavior best change at a speed
That's been impressed and instilled,
And by the season's pattern decreed.

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