10 October 2013

Touchstone Undertone

Touchstone Undertone
7 October 2013

At the gym while my body was busy,
My mind ranged free to supposition,
Thinking about what the future will be
And came up with a proposition.
Traditionally, my high school class
Has a reunion once every ten years.
So far we've met four times en masse.
Accounting for life expectancy, my dears,
We'll probably meet only thrice more.
If you knew you were only going to see me
Three times before going thru death's door,
How would you greet me?
How would you treat me?

Life's so unpredictable and very uncertain,
We don't know what the future will bring
And what will happen before the final curtain,
So let's include everyone under our wing.
We can do this by smiling at everyone,
Especially at others we don't know.
There doesn't have to be any reason
Just let our love and respect show.
How many more times are you going to see them?
Why not behave like crème de la crème?
How would you greet them?
How would you treat them?

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