21 August 2012

Quarters' Importers and Exporters

Quarters' Importers and Exporters
21 August 2012


All hail East, whose element is air.
Come, attend us, in our prayer.
Join us in our rite
As we celebrate this night.

Hail South, whose element is fire.
Be with us to grant our hearts' desire.
Dance and make us right
As we play this night.

All hail West, whose element is water
And whose animals are bear and otter.
Lend us your influence as we unite
To romp and frolic tonight.

Hail North, whose element is earth,
Help this tribe as we give birth
To mirth and our souls take flight
On this honorable night.


Hail color white and direction East,
Thanks for attending our feast.
You are now released.

All hail North and color evergreen,
Thanks for visiting us and points in between
We set you free, to go on serene.

Hail West and color blue,
We give you your due
And bid a fond adieu.

All hail South and color red
Thanks for the presents you spread
We say farewell as we head to bed.

We release back to your abodes
To resume your normal modes
Until called for future episodes.

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