25 July 2012

Reunion Communion

Reunion Communion
24 July 2012

We met on the mountain at Seventy's Flat,
Out where there's room to swing a cat,
Socializing in an informal format,
Mixing a potluck with chitchat.
Rob works in sustainable power.
Lauana's a supervisor of intervention.
Randy sells cars by the hour.
Let's not forget to mention,
Julie's been a nurse for 35 years, not a quirk
Just after she was born they put her to work.
Teri's a factory site planner in Queen Creek.
Monte teaching high school seems like a jailer.
Ralph's a Dallas temple worker, so to speak.
Jimmy visits his grandkids in a trailer.
Scott teaches the children in third grade
And for the newspaper is the resident
Sports writer. From a bit of a renegade
He now serves as stake president.
Nancy's always been a housewife
And probably will be for life.
Allen's an over-the-road truck driver.
Diane's a lawyer in Moab, at times.
Kerry's a real estate bust survivor.
Alma writes poetry and rhymes.
Doug stays around like a homebody
His wife travels like she's somebody.
Janet's a social worker in Texas.
Silas said he works in sporting goods.
David in Hawaii's a construction nexus.
We all had a good time out in the woods
Mingling conversation and small talk
Offering apologies where owed,
We're as perennial as grass in the sidewalk
And as tough as weeds in the road.

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