08 March 2011

I Ought To Get Paid

A coworker asked me to write a poem for the people having birthdays in her unit. So I wrote one but she requested a re-write. The re-submittal was titled, "I Ought to Get Paid."

March second for Monica

And her family in India

Is an occasion to celebrate,

She was born on that date.

She’s spirited, talented, smart

And appreciates poetry and art.

To join the potluck

Don’t push your luck

By acting like a barbarian

And forgetting she’s a vegetarian.

March 23rd is a replica

For beautiful, active Erica.

Most days she’d rather be outside.

Health conscious choice keeps

Her on the slim side,

Just one benefit she reaps.

The combined food and cheer

Will be March 16th here

At 11:30, the time to appear.

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