04 March 2010

First Blog

Amazing how the universe provides. A couple of weeks ago I exchanged emails with my niece about starting a blog, but put it off until I had time to digest the instructions. Then tonight I wanted to comment about someone else's blog, but in order to do so I had to set up a blog account.

My blog name loosely translated from latin means hits & misses, literally it means information and error. That's the extent of my latin. It was a stretch to put in "et" instead of "and." I plan to use this blog for poems and opinions. You may like what I post, that's datum. I may change my opinion, that's erratum.

It may be lyrical and descriptive, but if it doesn't rhyme it's not poetry. Poems should rhyme. That's how they're distinguished from prose. I tried to post a poem on Facebook, but it took out all the line returns and ruined the poem. Here's the poem as it's supposed to be:


With my eye
I spy
A butterfly.
On this occasion
It's of the swallowtail persuasion
With wings of yellow and black
And towards the back
A hue
Of blue.


  1. Now we need to get you your own domain name and hosting!


  2. Hi.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging.
    Looking forward to reading more.

  3. What a wonderful poem!

  4. *applause*